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Drone Mapping

Nordeste Sustentável is a company specialized in using drones for environmental mapping and technical expertise, as well as environmental licensing for enterprises. Its differential lies in the utilization of georeferenced orthophotos and aerial images, which play a crucial role in environmental studies, impact assessment, and license acquisition.

Through the use of drones equipped with advanced technology, NE Sustentável is capable of capturing high-resolution images of specific environmental areas. These images are processed to create orthophotos, which are aerial photographs geometrically corrected to accurately represent the Earth's surface. This feature allows for a detailed and precise view of the studied environment, enabling the identification of key elements such as vegetation, water bodies, and terrain characteristics.

Forest image in the state of Piauí. It presents a link to the Nordeste Sustentável website that performs the Mapping service by drones in the state of Piauí. Orthophoto. Drone photography. Drones.
Equipment from Nordeste Sustentável for carrying out mapping by drone, a service offered by the company for the entire territory of Piauí.

These georeferenced orthophotos and aerial images play a crucial role in environmental studies, enabling an accurate assessment of potential impacts from projects in a given region. Moreover, they are valuable tools for obtaining environmental licenses and project clearance, providing reliable visual and geographic data to relevant authorities.

By utilizing these technologies, NE Sustentável offers innovative and efficient solutions to its clients, helping them understand and mitigate the environmental impacts of their activities. The company is committed to promoting sustainable development while preserving the ecological integrity of the Northeast region.

The expertise of NE Sustentável in mapping and environmental licensing, coupled with the use of georeferenced orthophotos and aerial images, positions the company as a leader in the market. Their work contributes to the promotion of sustainability, conservation of natural resources, and ensures compliance with environmental regulations, making them a reliable partner for companies and institutions seeking to act responsibly and conscientiously towards the environment.

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