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Nordeste Sustentável

Unveil the Beauty and Potential of Properties with Nordeste Sustentável's Protection

Welcome to a world of environmental consulting excellence, where rural producers and investors align for a brighter future. At Nordeste Sustentável, we hold the key to truly remarkable properties, brimming with natural wealth and economic potential. With our support, these properties evolve into profitable ventures in renewable energies, agriculture, mining, and carbon credits. We ensure full land and environmental regularization, complying with all regulations. Our team secures the necessary environmental licenses, ensuring project success.

Join the movement towards sustainable development. Get in touch with us to discover the properties under the guardianship of Nordeste Sustentável. Let's build a radiant future together, where environmental preservation and economic success walk hand in hand.


Fostering Sustainable Development through Collaboration between Traditional Rural Producers and National & International Investors. Our mission is to shape a prosperous and balanced future, preserving the environment while driving economic growth for local communities. 


To be a benchmark in the environmental consulting sector, renowned for excellence in implementing sustainable and profitable projects. We aspire to be agents of transformation, contributing to the creation of a sustainable Northeast, where the preservation of natural resources and progress go hand in hand.







Our team

Aurélio Ribeiro

Biologist, chief consultant

Lorraine Cavalcante

Biologist, State and Federal Consultant

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Allana Vanessa

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Gabriela Valentim

Web Design

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