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Technical Assessment

Nordeste Sustentável is a company specialized in Technical assessment in the environmental and land fields. With a qualified team of partnering biologists and surveyors, the company has excelled in the successful execution of document analysis and reports on forest cover, land cover, and land use, among others.

Thanks to these technical expertise services, NE Sustentável has been able to assist entrepreneurs in various situations. One of them is the clarification of real estate fraud, providing documentary and technical evidence to identify irregularities and ensure the legal security of real estate transactions.

Image of urban and rural region in the state of Piauí. It presents a link to the site of Nordeste Sustentável that performs Environmental Expertise in the state of Piauí
The image shows how the environmental consulting firm Nordeste Sustentável corrected the georeferencing of a gas station, releasing an embargoed work in the state of Piauí, Brazil.

Furthermore, the company has been a crucial ally in obtaining environmental licenses and resolving project embargoes. Through its technical expertise, NE Sustentável's professionals provide precise and well-founded data on vegetation cover, land use, and other relevant aspects, contributing to proper analysis of environmental impacts and compliance with legal requirements.

Entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from the technical expertise services offered by NE Sustentável. By leveraging the specialized knowledge of partnering biologists and surveyors, they can obtain detailed and reliable information about the environment and the property in question. This enables informed decision-making, reduces risks, and helps avoid future issues.

NE Sustentável stands out for its commitment to quality and accuracy in its technical expertise. With a professional and ethical approach, the company always strives to provide reliable results and contribute to the region's sustainable development. Its services have proven essential for entrepreneurs seeking to operate responsibly and with legal support, ensuring environmental compliance and safety in their activities.

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