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Environmental Compliance

Nordeste Sustentável is a company committed to environmental preservation and sustainability. Our work in the field of environmental regularization aims to ensure that businesses and rural properties comply with environmental legislation, preserving natural resources and avoiding negative impacts on the ecosystem.

Compliance with environmental legislation is a fundamental process for the preservation of natural resources. NE Sustentável offers specialized environmental regularization services, assisting our clients in meeting legal requirements. Additionally, we conduct environmental studies and assessments to identify generated impacts and propose solutions to minimize them.

Forest image in the state of Piauí. It presents a link to the site of Nordeste Sustentável that performs the Environmental Regularization service in the state of Piauí
Study of degraded areas carried out by Nordeste Sustentável on farms in the state of Piauí.

Recovery of degraded areas is another important focus of NE Sustentável. Through the planting of native species seedlings, we promote the restoration of these areas, making them conducive once again for animal and plant life. Our seed bank holds various native species from the region, which are vital for reforestation and biodiversity preservation.

The restoration of degraded areas in permanent preservation areas is one of our main concerns. These areas are crucial for maintaining ecological balance, and NE Sustentável is committed to ensuring their preservation. Therefore, we invest in advanced technologies and techniques to restore these degraded areas, aiming for biodiversity restoration and conservation of natural resources.

By hiring NE Sustentável's services, our clients can be confident that they are contributing to environmental preservation and sustainability. With a highly skilled and environmentally committed team, we provide personalized and effective solutions for environmental regularization and the restoration of degraded areas.

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Environmental cadastre NOT produced by Nordeste Sustentável and which presents non-delimited Protection Areas and Legal Reserves outside the required standard.
Rural Environmental Registry NOT produced by Nordeste Sustentável and which has a legal reserve delimited in areas with the highest value of the property.

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Nordeste Sustentável 

Rural Environmental Registry produced by Nordeste Sustentável in Piauí, perfectly regularized.
Rural Environmental Registry produced by Nordeste Sustentável in Piauí, perfectly regularized and with legal reserve outside the areas of higher value of the property.
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